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Home Office Desk Combo

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Upgrade your home office desk. Find focus and clarity in your work.

What's included:

Black Desk Mat (Best Seller)
☞ Perfectly sized so that your workspace is covered which means it’ll stay protected from scratches and spills and eliminates the need for a mouse mat
☞ Slip-proof under so it stays in place on your desired desk surface and doesn't slide around as you work
☞ Clean, minimal design so that your desk looks tidy and professional which means you can work productively and avoid a cluttered workspace
☞ Roll-up strap so that you can pack it up easily, enabling you to travel with it or work remotely if you need to

Black Valet Tray
☞ Store all your valuables in one place so you don't misplace them. Never lose your keys again.
☞ Minimal design & premium feel. Declutter your desk and elevate your productivity
☞ Optional rubber feet to avoid scratch marks, keeping your desk surface pristine
☞ Made from eco-friendly birch hardwood